Wednesday, 7 October 2009


We are all cleaned up, we are lovely shiny people.
OK so how long does that last? About a millisecond before the new project starts.
Are we always starting something new? As long as there is a sign of life then renewal takes place.
For us it is a reception desk, custom made with flowing organic lines. And what do organic lines mean? A whole lot of sanding and adjusting.
Those clean and shiny areas will now need a dusting, a clean up. What were we planning on doing with our time anyway?
A few electrical hitches and we get close to 100%. We have been unfortunate with our choice of internet connection. TDC have been unreliable, that seems to be the problem. Our check-in system is internet based and it has had its share of glitches. Could be my lack of experience; though it seems to be connections freezing and then sending us back to a start position.
We have faith in the process. It is leading us towards a well functioning yoga shala were everyone can feel at home. A space to meet and share experiences; a yoga practice, a cup of tea and see what develops from there.

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