Sunday, 18 October 2009

Is this the way?

In life we search for direction, some guidance, some meaning! I find myself being drawn toward tourists in town in the vague hope that they will ask me a question that I can answer. It would be wonderful to have those answers. Generally there are more questions than answers, if we arrive at an answer it will normally open up a whole Pandoras Box of new questions.
Petri Räisänen is in Copenhagen this weekend as a yoga teacher. Running a workshop at the Studio. So how is that? To be at the front of the class with the answers? Petri guides us in a way that allows us to find our own path. There is no pedantic must and must not. The path is wide and we are given the freedom to pursue our own way. This is the path of yoga, we are all on our personal journeys.
There is a daily bombardment from media and the western culture to live up to certain ideals. Who has set these ideals, are they healthy, are they really something worth striving for?
To move toward a state of health and happiness seems like a reasonable goal. The yoga practice is a great tool for achieving these states. We move into a closer contact with our physical being. We maybe even consider what we eat and drink, bringing a small amount of balance into our intake. Even here it is not necessary to be freaked and manic as to what we do. We walk a broad path, enjoying our food, enjoying our lives is more important. If our state of being is balanced it is easier to handle what gets chucked at it.
Here we go cycling on through this life, taking and making decisions as they appear. The answers will be closer to the "right" answer for us if we are coming from a balanced state.

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