Friday, 30 October 2009

Its early

What is it about getting up really early, cycling through a quiet city. Party goers wandering home hand in hand, newspapers being delivered, garbage trucks moving through the streets, police cruisers and taxis going off shift.
The night is shaking itself into place and ready to settle into the dawn of a new day. The quiet calm of expectancy hangs on the city walls. Whatever the day brings this old lady has seen it before, prepared, ready to absorb the twists and turns of a new dawn.
There is a feeling of wonder, of taking part in a secret ceremony, of being witness to something unique. The shadowy darkness gives an intriguing vision of a world we know so well, the imminent possibilities of the day are still masked in darkness.
Arriving at the shala the lights flicker into action, a warm space floating through the firmament, neutral, welcoming. Radiators burble into action, mats are rolled out and the deep ujjayi breath becomes the sound track for the next hour or so. Relaxation, shower, a little moisturising (ya gotta admit it is autumn and getting drier). Slide out the door and head for a local café for a little replenishment. Outside the window the street is getting busy, cyclists cruising by on their way to work and school. The day brightens and expectations dreams and plans start to take shape.

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