Saturday, 10 October 2009

Old geezers

Every morning I ride through Assistens Kirkegaard (one of the first big graveyards outside the old city walls).
There was not a lot of interest in getting buried there in the beginning, too far away! So the city did a Hello/OK coup. They managed to get a few of the big cultural names of the period to agree to be buried out there. War Minister Johan Samuel Augustin 1785 was one of the first big names. After that it was the place to be buried. H.C. Andersen; Soeren Kirkegaard; Niels Bohr are all buried out there. The graveyard became a Sunday picnic spot, a place to get out of the claustrophobic city centre and enjoy a little R&R.
It is a huge change to turn off a main road across town and enter this quiet world of ancient yews, towering poplars and cared for grave sites. You literally turn a corner into a completely different state. From moving through a fast paced road with goals and challenges, you enter a world of peace, a world of calm.
This is our daily journey in life, we have all these things that NEED to be done, to achieved. Then you turn a corner and the relevance of these goals seem rather distant, whats the point, why bother. There is no permanence. I guess it is finding that balance of keeping your life together, while still appreciating the cosmic joke of it all.
On the way to the shala this morning I stopped to buy a liter of milk. As I came to the cash desk an ancient couple entered the store. They were holding hands and smiling. The guy said to the shopkeeper, "let this young man go first!" His wife was beaming at me. I am 61 years old; people in shops and caf├ęs now say sir to me. Very relative state of being. Looking through my eyes I am a grandfather, retired, moving into another stage of life. From their viewpoint I am a young guy! Made my day!

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