Thursday, 15 October 2009

Watch out, Yogi on the road!

So how is the life of a traveling teacher? Man they travel! We are picking Petri up at the airport tonight. A flight in from London at 23:05. This is just one leg of a long days travels.
The idea that a yoga teacher lives a quiet life in virtual retreat is blown out of the water. This is a life of seriously strenuous traveling. If you have taken a few flights in your life then you have some idea as to how hard it is to maintain a sense of equilibrium.
Petri will not be in bed until well after midnight. Teaching in the morning by 06:00. With three intense days ahead of him. Respect for the man in agreeing to run the workshop, in finding time in his schedule for us and mostly for maintaining a smile whilst doing it all.
Petri will get a chance to have a look at our beautiful city Friday and Saturday afternoon. Have to see if he wants to borrow the Company Car or my lovely Batavus, a true gentleman's ride.

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