Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Why do we do this stuff?

Yesterday as I arrive at Skt. Hans Torv to share a little breakfast with a few friends I spot it. My heart does a little flutter. Not love exactly, more pure lust. There it is parked among the multitude, that perfect example. That shape of my dreams. Simple, elegant with a rough edge.
After breakfast I cycle across town to check out the store. Here the story gets complex. Not only do they have a store full of great bikes the also have Principia and Batavus. This is so unfair, how can one make a choice in such a situation.
Fortunately I take a breath and leave the store with my money still neatly folded.
On arriving home Helena states the obvious.
1. we do not have space for more bikes.
2. I already have two great bikes.
So why are we (its not just me, is it?) totally keyed into wants and needs?
If I have two good bikes already, why does my desire function kick into overdrive when I see a new design, a new look. Have I spent too long watching TV ads, being bombarded with consumer pressure. Is it my duty to go out and buy, buy, buy?
My foreign relations adviser has now now given me some guidance. We should be guided by needs not wants. Just have to figure out if this is a need or a want!

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